Fulham 2

West Hampstead
Contemporary garden with fixed seating and low maintenance planting

Battersea 5
A stylish modern garden for house in Battersea

Battersea 4
A stylish modern garden for house in Battersea

Battersea 2
Modern garden with water feature

Chelsea 5

Attractive traditional garden with seasonal planting

Battersea 3
Stylish modern garden for house in Battersea

Chelsea 4
Contemporary, low maintenance roof terrace incorporating modern terrace planters

Chelsea 3
Chic minimalist garden in Chelsea

Low maintenance garden with artificial grass and evergreen planting

South Kensington
Roof terrace with white and green seasonal planting

Chelsea 1
White and green flowering planting for garden makeover

Fulham 1
Low maintenance sunny garden with Indian stone paving and evergreen planting

Roof Terrace with new decking, fencing and antique mirrors, planting still to be added

Chelsea Restaurant
Brinkleys Wine Gallery, contemporary planters with bamboo and olive trees

New planting plans with seasonal flowering shrubs and perennials